Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Tantisira:

I know Hawaii is a beautiful place, but I had begun to forget how beautiful it really is until you performed cataract surgery on my left eye. Now I can see the whole world as God created it—beautiful and majestic.

Needless to say, I was extremely pleased and surprised to discover that—contrary to my groundless fear—the surgery was performed without my experiencing any discomfort or pain. It was a painless half hour procedure that produced a miracle—the vision in my left eye was completely restored.

As a practicing Christian for over 50 years, I thanked God for providing a healing angel like you so my vision can be restored to what it was when I was a youngster.

Thank you for everything that you and your staff did to provide me with the best service and care possible. I am an extremely satisfied and happy patient of yours.

Aloha and Mahalo,

William K.

Dear Dr. Tantisira,

Thank you very much for the wonderful cataract surgery that you did on my left eye two weeks ago. The results are astounding.

My vision in my left eye is perfectly clear without correction.

I really appreciate how you and your team explained everything about my condition, the surgery and the results I could expect. Everyone was friendly, encouraging and knowledgeable. Most importantly, I felt comfortable at every stage of this surgery.

The team at Aloha Surgical Center called the day before to prepare me and took excellent care of me during the surgery. Everyone explained everything I needed to know to help in this successful process.
Thank you again for yours and your team’s skill in returning clear sight to my left eye.


John S.

I am extremely grateful and appreciative to the entire staff at Aloha Eye Clinic. The office staff was always welcoming, and I received extraordinary and very competent care by Drs. Carp and Tantisira and their technicians. I was consistently and carefully listened to and the doctors gave me all the time I needed to be diagnosed and educated. I had two surgical procedures and each time I was so well prepared and my needs were so well attended to, that I faced the procedures with amazing trust and confidence and received excellent results.

Judith C.

Dear Dr. Tantisira,

It has been several weeks since my last cataract surgery and I am thrilled to say that the results of your work and that of your staff have passed the ultimate test for me. I attended a conference in Honolulu two weeks ago and I can say, for the first time in years, I was able to see both the Powerpoint presentation and follow the syllabus on my desk without the awkward exchange and/or assist of eyeglasses and/or contact lenses. I again want to thank you and the rest of your team for what has been for me a ‘God-like’ miracle outcome. The quality of life, both personally and professionally for me, has definitely been enhanced by the high quality of care provided by you and your staff.

It is good to see you walking the neighborhood. Keep working out and taking care of yourself. We need you here on Maui for as long as we can have you. I am obviously sharing my experience as above with family, friends, patients and colleagues. If there is anything I can do to further support the great work of your clinic, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,

Royal R., M.D.